The Saigon - My Tho railway line was inaugurated as the first train service in French Indochina in 1885. It was used after the Indo-China War, undergoing destruction and restoration until 1958.
Usually, I used the U.S. army map for an old Vietnam map. However, I only had the 1970 edition, after the line was disused. I traced the route, using a Japanese foreign country, 1/100000 scale, map printed in 1940. The railway that ran side by side on the National Highway QL1 left the road in the Cho Den river, and took a separate route.
I can definitely find the trace of the route when I look on an aerial photograph on Google.
This way, a factory siding of the right seems to be a route trace.
There might be a railroad line alongside palm trees.
The railroad line had spanned the river here, but I couldn't find the abutment pier trace.
Across the river, let's search on the opposite bank.
There is a way to draw a rail curve. Because the surrounds are ponds and damp ground, this must not have to been an abolished line trace.
Neighborhood of My Tho. The old road was an abolished line trace, but the way was wide, and I could not find the trace.

Vietnam Sapa

Dec 7, 2013

 My journey will continue as long as there's the smile of people. (3:18)

We can see that a railroad line extended from the Saigon Station to the Ben Thanh Market in the 1/12500 map of Saigon at 1962. According to "the building guide" on the reverse side of the map, the present Saigon Station was a "Freight Station," and in front of Ben Thanh Market the station was the "Railway Station". The passenger station was in front of the market of in the inner-city.
The rotary is in front of the Ben Thanh Market.

There is a slender park ahead of there. The remains of the ancient structure of the station were not evident, but here was old Saigon Station.

The string of one-storied stores built along the curved rail bed. Surely, here is a vestige of a defunct railroad.

The depth of the stores conforms to the width of the double track.

By the rotary of 7 streets, a train ran in the alley to the front.

Saigon Station now, there is the trace of the freight station days.

view the broad map with a meters above the sea level graph
I ride north continuously today at National highway 1. Temperature lowered very much from HCMC. The red earth spreads out, but has a feeling that the transparency of the river increased.

Chien Dan, Hindu temple of the Champa kingdom. They were made in 11-12 centuries.

I rode 140km and arrived at Hoian. This was a tourist city.

 149.3 km / 1053.1km

view the broad map with a meters above the sea level graph
I rode through the mediocre way of the midland today.

On the roadside, the people made something.

And there was an amusement place of children.

Because my father goes for delivery, I tend the store while studying.

Good "nha nghi", dainty "com" and nice "caphe sua"

111.0 km / 903.8km

view the broad map with a meters above the sea level graph
National highway 1D, open cut new road.

Across a small mountain pass to provincial capital of Binh Dinh, Qui Nhon.

Slip on a rail track on road, for the first and only time in this trip.

In the hotel, I was with Russian motorcyclists. They were the tourists who took an animation.

 81.2 km / 792.8km

view the broad map with a meters above the sea level graph
Dai Lanh fishing port at dawn. There was no breakwater here. Fishermen passed on a pail boat.

I cycled heading north on National highway No.1. It was another 1185km to Hanoi.

In a bicycle shop, I oiled a chain. However, it was too thick.

95.5 km / 711.6km

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